Ouanes Amor




Ouanes Amor is a Tunisian born artist and painter who lives and works in Paris. He studied art at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, and became a student of Roger Chastel. He began teaching in 1980. Today, although he left the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Amor continues to paint relentlessly in his workshop situated in the outskirts of Paris. At the crossroads between East and West, Ouanes Amor’s painting is to be viewed as a link between two knowledge and skills : that of western abstract painting, (the artist belongs to the generation of painters along with L.Cane, A.P. Arnal, D.Dezeuze, C.Viallat, who formed the Supports/Surfaces movement) and that of oriental tapestry, which emerges in his works. The colours are bold and sustained, the brushstrokes are precise and meticulous. Y.Michaud wrote: “It’s an instinctive painting, that comes from an artist with a refined instinct.” The artist is driven by a real sense of work; and thus he tirelessly scrutinises his composition until he achieves a chromatic balance. Ouanes Amor participated in many collective exhibitions in France and abroad. In France, his work has been exhibited at the Salon de la Jeune Peinture, at the Réalités Nouvelles, and at the Salon de Mai in which he regularly participates since 1967. His works are held in numerous private collections (France, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany, Italy, Monaco, Greece, USA, Japan, Tunisia). Furthermore, Ouanes Amor features in museum collections including the Modern Art Museum of the City of Paris, Musée de Monaco, Musée de Noyon, and the Centre Culturel de Grenoble.