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nadine_fattouh I graduated from the Ecole du Louvre with a degree in Art History and Museology. It is also there that I began my career in arts, teaching the European Painting’s History. Specialized in Old Master Paintings, I joined the Jacques Leegenhoek Gallery, situated in Paris (Carré Rive Gauche) in 2001. There, I improved my knowledge both in Old Masters’ work and in the rules and intricacies of the art market. Despite my passion for Old Masters I remained very much curious about contemporary art. Because of my origins and my knowledge in the Arab world, I have a special, although not exclusive, interest in Arabic contemporary art. Discovering so many artistic universes, full of questions and meanings, led me to participate more actively in the world of contemporary creation. I have therefore organized numerous contemporary exhibitions, since 2008, presenting international artists with a special focus on artists for the Maghreb and the Middle-East.